6.0 (10a403) blobs for iphone 3gs

We recommend you to use Sn0wbreeze 2. What should I do? Your phone should be activated if you used activated custom fimrware. Try below tutorial. Skip step 8. I did use the Activated one but I used the NewBoot. Should I use the oldboot and activated version. I am stuck on part 5 after 6 and 7. About the reb all instruction given are complicated. You can also download it from the link i gave you in second comment.

Locate this file in your computer and use it. Use Recboot or TinyUmbrella to get out of it. We recommend you to use iReb if you want to install custom firmware without any error. Get the latest version of this program from below link. Thanks but I already got away with it. I use iTunes to get away with. I type something in the host file to enable to restore again.

Use 6. You can also get 6. Hi Asad Trying to install iOS 6. I have 4. I always have a problem when its at uploading ibss. Using a mac trying fixing this problem with tinyumbrella and editing my hosts but nothing seems to work and its a new bootrom 3gs. Redsn0w 0. It should work. Try sn0wbreeze 2. All Rights Reserved. Unlock iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 4 — UnlockTips. Try using iReb to restore. Can I make now on my custom ios6 software on 3gs evasion Untethered jailbreak? Muhammad Salman Dagiya. Please check your mail for the guide to fix this issue.

Kindly ask for further help via Email. Go to the link present in update after step 5. Follow the guide in that link. Yes, it will. Please check the link given in the update after step 5. Anjum Gulati. Does this work for ios 6.

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Currently says redsnow will be updated in the near future. I got a Mac.. So no option right now,i guess. Just wait for Redsn0w to update. Lucky Man. Just mailed you a helping guide. Please check the update given in the guide after Step 5. Ala Aoukaty. Hi Asad, Stuck at point 5. I have the same problem. Could you please help. Many thanks. Please check your inbox. Check your inbox for the solution. Please check the update after fifth step.

Check your inbox. I got it!! I have sent you the help to solve this problem. Hello Asad.. Can u resend that email for me. Thanks in advance. Can you send me the solution please. Check your Email for the reply. Hey Asad, Is it possible to only update to ios 5. Is the process any different? Process is exactly the same.

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Just use version 5. Check your mail. Asad please help. Check your inbox for the answer to your question. This is exactly my problem now.


I am also on I forgot to mention. I have Emailed you the reply. Could you please send me the same answer because i am also stuck in the recovery mode. Ibrahim Waly.

GeekGrade IPSW Download (Downgrade iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4 Without SHSH Blobs Tethered) | `

This conversation is getting longer. You need to make sure that you are jailbroken on that firmware. For information on how to jailbreak your bit device on iOS 9. Jailbreak iOS 9.

How to Downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 (SHSH Blobs Saved) iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4G

Step 2: Once you are sitting in the jailbroken state, you will need to ensure that you have iFile installed from Cydia. Step 3: You will also need to make sure that you have uninstalled any apps or tweaks installed through Cydia, apart from the aforementioned iFile package. Step 5: Look through that directory until you find the SystemVersion.

Tap on it and open it with the Text Viewer option. Step 6: Step 7: You are now going to need to find the corresponding build number for the firmware. For example, the build number for iOS 8. So if you are going to want to downgrade to 8. The build number for iOS 6. Step 8: Now you need to reboot your device. Step 9: You will then notice that iOS 8. Step Go through the update installation as you normally would with any OTA update.

Once done, you can untether-jailbreak your iOS 8. As you can see this is relatively easy, but it does come with a few risks. If that happens, then no jailbreak is possible. Subscribe to our RSS Feed!

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Or after swith on it will back to diffrent IOS? Hello, I have followed all the steps of the post but in the last one, when rebooting and updating to ios 8. Followed all the process. Since I rebooted, I am kicked out of semi untethered Phoenix jailbreak now with cydia and ifile still installed but cannot be accessed.

I have tried several methods, and it always winds down to the same result. I just downgraded my iPad 2 WiFi to 8. I had to reboot several times. I signed out of iCloud, but that seemed to make no difference. What worked: Afterwards, I was still at 8. Much faster and I am a happy camper. It took about 2 hours total from jailbreak of 9. See my comment above. It was worth it. After following the steps I installed 8. I did the same thing till your step 4.

On the software upgrade — I can see 8. When I click on Install now — it just keeps spinning and nothing happens — and eventually spinning stops. But nothing happens. Did you face the same thing. Any idea whats wrong? I have the same version of Ipad as well. On reboot and selecting software update the ipad shows ipad already updated to 9.

Doubled checked all edits in ifile and filza as described.