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You are here: Setting up and using two home screens on the Nokia E User guides Image 1 of 28 The Nokia E63 allows two home screens to be set up, for separate business and personal usage. Here we show you how to set up the home screen for the dual home screen To switch between business and personal home screens, scroll to highlight the Switch mode shortcut using the main navigation pad beneath the display, and press the central pad to select.

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You will see the look of the home screen change, and the shortcut icons will also change Figure 2. Select the Switch mode icon again and press the navigation pad, and the home screen will switch back to the original. From the home screen press Menu Figure 1. Scroll to highlight Tools Figure 3.

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  5. Press the central navigation pad to select. Scroll to highlight Modes Figure 4. You are now presented with the home screen modes customisation options Figure 5. To start with, choose which mode you want to customise. To switch between business and personal modes, highlight Switch mode at the top of the screen and press the central navigation pad to select.

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    To get back to the previous home screen mode options, highlight Switch mode again and press select. Changing home screen applications The first customisation option allows you to change the name of the modes from 'Business' or 'Personal' to anything you like. You may find this handy if, for example, you operate two businesses. Scroll to highlight Mode name Figure 7. Press select. You can type in whatever you like here Figure 8.

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    Press OK to save. To customise the applications displayed on the home screen, in the Modes menu highlight Home screen applications Figure 9. Highlight Enabled applications Figure A list of applications enabled on your home screen is displayed Figure 11 , with enabled applications ticked. To select or deselect apps, scroll down to highlight the required application.

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    Press the central navigation pad to select or deselect if deselected, the tick disappears from the box. Once you have chosen the selection you want to display on this home screen, press OK Figure You can also change the bar of six shortcut icons towards the top of the display.

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    In the Home screen applications menu, highlight Application shortcuts Figure Each of the six shortcuts can be individually selected; they are labelled Shortcut 1 to Shortcut 6 Figure Scroll to highlight the shortcut you wish to change. You are presented with a comprehensive list of dozens of applications and functions, plus bookmarked websites and services you can scroll through and choose as shortcuts Figure Highlight the one you want to use and press OK Figure You are returned to the Application shortcuts page Figure Repeat this procedure as required for the other Shortcut options you wish to change.

    Once finished, press Back to get to the Home screen applications menu, or press the call End button to return to your home screen with new shortcut changes implemented.

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    Changing home screen email notification To change onscreen Email mailbox notification, in the Home screen applications menu highlight E-mail 1 notification Figure Ear phone 5. Bluetooth handset 6. It looks like black berry. I suggest you if you have limited budget then go for this mobile. Hi mandid,i will answer your question Of course e71 is better it has 3. E71 more features than E All application that e63 have E71 have also The only thing that's good about e63 is that it is faster than e71 base on internet..


    It's still.. My mum drop her's e71 for the first time and the screen was broken with some type of oil She sent to nokia and they said there was nothing they could do.. So if i were you buy 'e72' its the best it has 5 mp camera WOW.. I buying it and let's see Hi friends, plz anyone answer my questions.

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    What are the major differences of E63 and E71? How is the camera quality? What is the inbuilt web browser of this phone? Does OperaMini 4. News 4 All: EverythIng 4 ur E