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Not bad. I use myibidder as well. They are great and easy to use. Always quick to respond with customer service. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain sniping, test the free apps and share this valuable information with folks like me who are so frustrated with being on the losing end of those bidding situations. So many times sitting by the computer, waiting for the last few minutes, placing the only bid on the item, then losing it in the last few seconds with no recourse.

Hate, hate, hate it! I hope I can make the transition from hating to being the one hated. Hi Andrew. I just stopped by here somewhat randomly and decided to comment to give you a bit of support. Occasionally — but rarely — there have been glitches when eBay updates their site, causing Gixen to have to update their software and thus not being able to execute my snipes for, say, a day. Thanks for your review. I heard there is sniping software that lets u bid but blocks other sniping software from bidding against you have u heard of this?

I have used Gixen four times now and i have not lost an auction yet. Thanks for the good review and research. Andrew, thank you for a well done review. I hope you can sell the Justin Bieber vid to someone who wants it. I have used Gixen twice. I won both auctions. I will try the other recommended snipers to see which one I like best.

Gixen is now my choice.


I would have liked to seen a test of all three bidding on the same item, but from three different accounts. You need two friends to help you. I always manually snipe in the last few seconds. Have you come across such as sniper server drop outs at unfortunate moments? It can happen with snipers too of course, especially when they bid on an item against other snipers. But in general, using snipers is a much more accurate and reliable way of placing last second bids, compared to manual way.

There used to be a program, Buyertools Reminder, that did all these things very successfully without needing to reveal login credentials. It supported group bidding. Of course, it depended upon the reliability of your Internet connection. Now and again it failed for a while when eBay changed its layout and the program was not updated fast enough the sites reviewed here have the same risk. Several years ago it stopped working, and no update was produced.

Thank you so much. Last time I deliberately went quite beyond what we could comfortably pay because I was sick of the same two bidders sniping me. I realised it was going to happen again so I deliberately drove up the price. One of them did. Anyway, being a sniper for the fabric, playing them at their own game, is clearly the only way I stand a chance of being able to cover our now very shabby sofa and to make matching curtains. Is it not dangerous to enter your ebay username and password on a website owned by a stranger? They only use SSL for the authentication page.

Everything else is sent in the clear, with no encryption at all. This means eBay is vulnerable to all kinds of MitM attacks and all of your search and bid history can be seen by anyone who can see your net traffic. Gixen is a pain in the Azz. They changed there sign on format sometime back , where that change asks put in your original username which was your email address. Now it requires you to not use your email address as your username.

Best eBay Sniper: The Top 10 + Our Recommendation

Good luck with your ships and if you used to have the original username is your email address. So frustrating. Thanks for doing all that work. I am just about to sign up with Goofbid now. I find them generally to be very good at placing the bids all my snipes have gone through on time but too often lately their website has been suffering from long spells of downtime. It seems to be a one-man operation so you just have to wait until he gets around to fixing the problem. The system software is somwhat outdated but the last effective for PPC Macs. Another negative about Auctionsniper.

I have been using it for quite a while. Every once in a while it fails to place my bid. I am told it is some problem about logging in. I have lost some items that I really wanted because of this. They told me they are working on the problem, but apparently no solution has been found. Trying out Gixen now. I have used Goofbid successfully for several months, but recently noticed a major flaw: I happen to have 2 different accounts with ebay, but signed up for Goofbid with only one account.

However, a few times now Goofbid has placed bids for an item under BOTH my accounts, meaning that I actually ended up bidding against myself! For 2 items, there were only two bidders — both of them me, my different ebay IDs. Agree with the above commenters, particularly Mike: I found this excellent page looking for an alternative to Auction Sniper. I used it and found it excellent until this summer, when quite at random it missed some key auctions while completing the next.

I missed a couple of important items as a result, and have one I am keen to win tomorrow hence my interest in finding a new sniper and not risking Auction Sniper. I dud try to contact Auction Sniper and sent screen shots of their less than useful support but no reply sent.

I started using Goofbid after purchasing your EAB Course, I have made decent money on undervalued items using your methods. Well worth a review and instructional post by you in my opinion. Andrew, thanks for the info. Here is what just happened to me: EBays security system breach during last minutes of bidding on high end items: Microsoft Security Essentials found the file after the bidding and I send it to them. What is the name of this activity???? A bit more on this exploit. The eBay Web site has a vulnerability which allows this: In particular, eBay password is compromised and should be changed, plus I would recommend detailed virus cleanup.

Be wary of special offers or requests to install anything; a sniper site or program should not be vulnerable. Apr 24, by Andrew Minalto - Comments.

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Yes technically that is true but in practice there are some clear disadvantages to bidding for items in the conventional way: Well the main groups that come to mind are: For Auction Sniper, their charges are simple: I had a problem when creating an account with Auction Sniper and it said my username was incorrect: I then tried to create an account on Gixen and got an error there as well turns out it was because I had recently changed my eBay password but in this case I was given the correct error message which actually solved my problem: This time I won the item, being the only bidder!

However the winning bid was placed 7 seconds before the end of the auction, which is more than two times longer than it should have been… You may think I am nitpicking needlessly here but at the end of the day these tools are all about their accuracy and 7 seconds is probably enough time for another bidder to manually react, defeating the whole purpose of using a sniper! So a pass for Gixen as well, with special mention to the overall simplicity and ease of use. After some investigating I found out this is just due to how these sniping tools work, by actually logging in and placing the bid for you — so all three registered the bid as being placed… Which means I am now needlessly the owner of a Never Say Never Blu-ray.

I can start off by eliminating Auction Sniper, for 3 main reasons: Problems with creating an account Inaccurate bid times Cost Point no. All the best, Andrew. Mark Hemmings 2 weeks ago. Andrew Minalto 2 weeks ago. Russell Burch 2 months ago. Andrew Minalto 2 months ago. Randy 2 months ago. Ray Collister 3 months ago. Andrew Minalto 3 months ago. Mash 4 months ago.

Andrew Minalto 4 months ago. Harry 4 months ago. Thanks for the suggestion Harry! This was a very nice overview. Thank you for writing. Andrew Minalto 5 months ago. Roy 6 months ago. Andrew Minalto 6 months ago. Marc 5 months ago. Jeff 2 weeks ago. Juan Francisco 6 months ago. Jerry 7 months ago. Alex Wright 8 months ago. Hi Andrew, The posts are great. Fantastic info and really well thought out. Andrew Minalto 8 months ago. Thanks for your feedback Alex! VVV 10 months ago. Gixen does not work all the time.


Very disappointed. CCJ 11 months ago. Very very helpful — thanks!

Andrew Minalto 1 year ago. Steve 1 year ago. Chris Betts 1 year ago. Nisse 1 year ago. Lynne 1 year ago. Thank you so much! Don 1 year ago. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this. Very helpful! Alyson 1 year ago. Thank you SO much Very helpful to a non techie person. Sandra Robinson 1 year ago. Alli 1 year ago. R 1 year ago. Jeremy Hardie 1 year ago. How about security? One thing to give your payment details to ebay, another to eg Auctionsniper?

They will just win auctions and then you pay for them on your own. Thanks, Andrew. Andrew Minalto 2 years ago. Oliver 2 years ago. Harry 2 years ago. Trevor 2 years ago. Many thanks! Informative and well written. Steve Peterson 2 years ago. Darius 2 years ago. Tim Ball 2 years ago. Hi Tim, I will have an update for this article next week. Stan 2 years ago. RIP Goofbid, and thanks, Andrew, for the valuable post! Adam Stiles 2 years ago. Tony Dalton 2 years ago. Thanks Tony, yes others have pointed this out so I will do an update soon.

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Well, they had originally set a higher maximum bid than your own bid and were using proxy bidding, so when you placed your bid, the system instantly reacted and drove the bid up to outbid you, allowing them to claim the auction. So even though you placed what you thought was the highest bid seconds before the auction ended, the system reacted and allowed someone else to win because they had a higher maximum bid.

Recall when we said eBay wants the highest bidder to win, regardless of the time they placed their bid?

DON'T BID until you see this ebay Online Auction Tool - NOT a Sniping tool - Free

So then what? Additionally, automated sniping services offer a few other advantages:.

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The short answer is yes, both sniping manually and sniping using automated software is allowed on eBay. These are two mutually exclusive events, and hence it makes sense for a seller to hate sniping as it may hinder the seller from achieving their goal. Beating them is as simple as bidding higher than them, at any point during the auction. There are basically two ways to snipe, either manually or using sniping software or services.

It might seem like the obvious choice will always be the automated services, however, these services need your eBay username and password to operate correctly. There are many sniping services out there, the majority of them are inexpensive. When choosing a sniping service, the top things you want to look for are reputation, reliability, features, and cost.

Most services are pretty close when it comes to features. Okay so what are the most popular services out there and which ones do I recommend? Here are some popular ones:. So my two recommendations are BidSlammer and Gixen. Their services are free, trusted, reliable and come with all the essential features.

The last 4 on the list have free, solid versions while the rest are paid alternatives. Paid alternatives differ in pricing strategy, as some charge a monthly or yearly fee while others charge a flat percentage of the value of the item you've won. But again, even if you intend on going the paid route, I highly recommend you try out the free services first.

Have you used an auction sniper before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below, and let's us know if you have any questions! Best eBay Sniper: Product Reviews. Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? I Love to Learn. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address.

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