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I can't express how much I love the idea behind this app; however, I am completely frustrated with the quality of operation this app has to offer. Come on Sony!!!!

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I realize this is a review and not a complaint, but I can't resist I got this app for the sake of using it for my iPad stereo conversion and I can't express what a buzz kill this was upon completion of my project One Suggestions I must make is a stationary volume knob, not something I have to search for.. It's not exactly Sony brand; however, they at least have better reviews. I'm most likely switching because of the lack of quality in this app Way to drop the ball Sony! I really like this application.

JVC Remote

I found out about this application by accident and I enjoy its functionality. It is worth noting that I use iOS 9.

Whether it is because of this or something else that I haven't had the issues other people speak of, I do not know, but if you use older iOS like I do you should have no problems. This app worked pretty well when I switched to my iPhone 6. Much better than my 4s.


Now, since the last two or so iPhone updates the app doesn't work well. It doesn't pickup my Sirius radio and crashes when playing Pandora.

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I dropped my original rating from 3 stars to 1 because there have been zero improvements or updates to this app for way to long. Sony doesn't appear to be supporting this anymore so I'd suggest looking at a different system that doesn't use this app for stereo and phone control in your car. It's too bad because it was cool while it lasted. Now I'm considering another system but not a Sony. App Store Preview.

Pioneer ARC

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Icon design updated. Improving the quality of operation. Redesigned the app. Dec 20, Version 2.

It will also enable users to control selected 3rd party apps like navigation to get turn-by-turn guidance through car speakers. It features a two display mode Vertical and Landscape and a customizable theme color along with an album artwork. No extra cables are required to be bought to use the app features.

The app can be downloaded through Google play store and Apple iTunes. Commenting on the launch, Mr. ARC compatible products are available at an affordable starting price of Rs. The product is backed by two year warranty, across India. Pioneer India aims to continuously introduce innovative products that will raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion.

For more information, log on to www. Kavita Prasad: Fortuna PR Phone: Even more ways to play: Pioneer introduces ARC app for controlling in-car entertainment Your smartphone is now the Remote Control of the headunit.