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The files and layout for the setting activity is SettingsActivity.

Where to Locate Live Wallpapers on Your Mobile Device

The matrix rain effect is going to be my live wallpaper which I have explained in my previous article. Now the above code is need to be inserted into the skeleton wallpaper Service code. In the skeleton class DrawFrame method is used to call the draw statements. Get the source form: Download the apk: Play Store. Sign in Email. Forgot your password? Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages.

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Comments 1. Tagged as Java. Stats Figure 2: In Listing 2, the core of the live wallpaper service is the engine instantiated by WallpaperService. The engine contains a background thread, "mDrawThread," that can be removed based on the visibility or availability of the live wallpaper to save the battery consumption. In this example, we essentially set up a static background with a bitmap image.

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On top of it, we send out 30 boids bats in our example, with each animation sequence in Figure 3 and animate them according to the basic flocking rules to simulate their behavior. When you poke the flocking boids, they will start spreading away.

Android Live wallpaper Tutorial

When you touch a location outside the boids, they will try to flock to it. Figure 4 shows our example in the wallpaper list.

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  4. Figure 5 has the gear icon enabled because we define a configuration activity through android: Figure 3: Animation Sequence for Each Boid. Figure 4: Boids Example in LiveWallpaper List.

    Figure 5: Boids Example in Action. A fun Android feature called live wallpaper was briefly introduced in this tutorial. It is a service that makes your device background animated and can respond to user interaction. We also mentioned the key live wallpaper APIS, the basic setup, and an example with the innovative concept called "boids," simulating flocking creatures.

    You can find many more nicely done live wallpapers in Google Play and sample projects through Google's repositories. Sources codes for the tutorial examples are available for download in the References section. Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment! Now Javascript is disabled. Your email. ROUND ; paint. BLACK ; circles.

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    Activity; import android. WallpaperManager; import android. ComponentName; import android. Intent; import android. MyWallpaperService" android: MyPreferencesActivity" android: SetWallpaperActivity" android: Once you successfully implement this code, you can easily create live wallpaper for Android. Have an Idea for Android App?

    Android Live Wallpaper - Tutorial

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