Blackberry will not connect to email server

Resolution 6.

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Review the email message filters to make sure that they are not preventing email messages from being sent to the BlackBerry smartphone. Delete or modify any email message filters that do not allow delivery. The email messages for the integrated email account are being stored in a place other than the root folder of the Inbox on the messaging server.

Troubleshoot Receiving Email with BlackBerry Enterprise Server: AT&T How To Video Series

Resolution 7. Ensure the messages are arriving to Inbox and not a sub folder.

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The wireless transceiver on the BlackBerry smartphone is turned off. Resolution 8Turn on the wireless transceiver on the BlackBerry smartphone by completing the following steps: The Manage Connections icon typically looks like a radio tower and is located on the Home screen. The wireless network status of the BlackBerry smartphone does not allow email messages to be delivered. Resolution 9. Verify the wireless network status by referring to the knowledge base article that corresponds to one of the below networks: If the BlackBerry smartphone is not receiving email messages because of the wireless network status, contact the wireless service provider.

The firewall settings on the BlackBerry smartphone are set to block incoming email messages from the BlackBerry Internet Service. This feature might be enabled by an IT policy.

Set up email on a BlackBerry

Resolution Make sure that the firewall is set to allow BlackBerry Internet Service email messages to be delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone. To verify that this setting is correct, complete the following steps: The email messages are being forwarded to another email account. To resolve this issue, complete either of the following actions: The BlackBerry smartphone messages database has become corrupted.

The recipient's mailbox is full. When sending an email message to the POP3 email account, the following message might be received: The message could not be delivered because the recipient's mailbox is full. To resolve this issue, free space in the mailbox is required.

Knowledge Base

This can be done by deleting some email messages. If required to save email messages, move those messages to a folder outside the inbox. For information about the maximum email message size limit when using the BlackBerry Internet Service, see Article For information about how to resolve an issue when the BlackBerry smartphone is unable to receive email messages from a BlackBerry email address, see Article For information about different types of email accounts, see the following Articles: Toggle navigation.

Knowledge Base.

Cannot Send or Receive Email Messages

April 25, Last Modified: September 12, Type: The POP3 protocol is not turned on for the email account with the wireless service provider. Cause 1 Another email application is removing email messages from the POP3 messaging server. If the "G" or "EDGE" is not uppercase, this indicates that the devices are in range of an area with limited coverage. Phone calls and texting will work, but data like web browsing and BES mail delivery will most likely not. As of January 1, , no new BES accounts are being created. Following is a table of network status indicators for those models:.

The letters should be upper case; in some cases, lower-case versions of the same letters indicate more limited options, as indicated in the table below:. If the date and time are incorrect, fix them, and then test to see if you can send or receive email.

If the date and time are correct, or if you have problems after fixing them, continue troubleshooting. Restart your device.

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Once it has restarted, test to see whether you can now send and receive email. If you cannot, continue troubleshooting. If you are unable to register the handheld or connect to the network, or do not have the correct options displayed in the "Roaming" or "Status" fields, contact your service provider. If these settings are all correct, and you are able to register your BlackBerry, continue troubleshooting.

Set up POP or IMAP email on a BlackBerry device

Remove the device battery for about five minutes to ensure a complete disconnect from the BlackBerry network. This causes a hard reset, forcing the network to register the device as a new device on the network. This is a common fix for coverage areas in which you normally have a connection and can send and receive email, but are now having trouble see the charts above to determine coverage areas.

Open Desktop Manager and double-click Redirector Settings.

Check the signal strength

Make sure Redirect incoming messages to your handheld is checked. For mail messages to be received, the Inbox folder must have a checkmark next to it. Sent Items is checked by default and will not affect mail delivery. With a BlackBerry, how do I wirelessly reconcile the folders from my mailbox?