Google earth for ipad 2 street view

The search field is pretty smart, so, for example, "Paris" will take you to the same place as "the capital of France.

How to Change Views in iPad’s Google Maps

When you zoom into the highest level of detail, you can see just how comprehensive Google Earth's 3D modeling has become, especially in urban areas. As on Google Maps, click on any of the names to learn more about that place or landmark. In addition to navigation, you have more menu options. Use the top-left hamburger button to open up the menu, and you can find the Map Style settings dialog, which lets you customize the amount of detail you see on the screen.

Other options on the menu include the Voyages tours—the pre-made packages we mentioned earlier—and places you've bookmarked for later reference. Every time a place card appears on screen, whether from a search or a click on the map, you can bookmark it using the icon at the foot of the card.

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Another feature we want to flag up is the I'm Feeling Lucky option, the die icon on the left-hand menu. Click the icon to be transported to a location on the globe picked out by Google. The destination will usually be an area of natural beauty or particular interest. This is a great way to discover new places. As well as using the web interface, you can also download Google Earth for Android or iOS the iOS version is more than a year out of date now, but expect an update soon.

The phone apps are very similar to the web interface, though you must use your fingers to navigate rather than the mouse.


You can still search for, tour around, and bookmark specific locations, or choose I'm Feeling Lucky to jump to somewhere new. Google Earth is fantastic for getting an overview of a place or checking out topography on a wide scale, but Street View is better for taking a really close look at neighborhoods.

To find somewhere specific, search for it in Google Maps or Google Earth , then drag the little Pegman icon from the lower-right corner to that spot. Blue areas on the map mark streets and places of interest where Street View imagery is available. So, once you've reached your destination, click and drag to look around.

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The arrows or blue lines on screen help you navigate around while in Street View, so you can take a tour without leaving the ground. You can also tap the cursor keys on the keyboard to move about. If you don't want to go through Google Maps, Street View actually has its own portal online, where you can find some of the best photography of locations around the world. The Street View cameras have traveled along footpaths , beside railway lines , down ski runs , and up mountain faces.

Now that's dedication. Not sure where you want to visit?

Get to Street View in Google Maps

The Gallery page makes a good starting point. It provides a constantly rotating selection of highlights from different countries. Click on any of the options to see a gallery, in which Street View imagery automatically pans around each site. Click the arrows to go forward or backward, and use your mouse's scroll wheel or your laptop's trackpad to zoom in and out.

Another benefit of the guided-tour approach is that the program shows you background information on cards, which can give you context for whatever you're looking at.

‎Google Street View on the App Store

It's similar to the Voyages packs in Google Earth. Street View in Google Maps has one added bonus, which is historical imagery.

New Google Maps for iPad - using Street View

Click the date link in the top-left corner while in Street View to see if older pictures are available. In a lot of places, you can go back ten years or more, to the very earliest Street View snapshots. They let you take a virtual walk around any location you like on your smartphone screen. One advantage of installing the phone apps is that you can create your own degree images and upload them to Street View.

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  • This has been since recent updates to Google Maps possibly? Oct 17, 1: Yes, exactly the same as you report Ross. I'm thinking it's definitely a Google issue as this happens on my devices that are not running the latest iOS as well as those that do. Plus it's just started happening. On a Google forum it also seems to have been referred to as a 'bug' in their app, and has been reported several times. I don't understand all this business from other replies about minimising the app and then reopening it to make it work. It makes no difference what I do, the feature is just plain gone.

    Oct 17, 2: No doubt Google will push out an update at a later date. Where is Street view on Google Maps. I just got an new iPad2 air. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: JimHdk JimHdk. Street view is available in Google Maps which can be gotten from the App Store.

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