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The exact cause of this issue is unclear. If I share my experience, I had this problem with caller ID photos coming inside a circle when I did a restore for my iPhone from an old iCloud backup.

How It Works

It seems different versions of iOS and iPhone models handle it differently. Nevertheless, let me explain all I know to make your iPhone contact photos appear full screen on iOS Try to avoid a black border in the top and bottom section of the photo when you keep it in the portrait mode for the screenshot. Such a photo may not fit the iPhone display in full size. Use pinch-and-zoom to exclude the black areas and any other portion you may not want to see in the caller ID screen. You may also try an image editor to adjust the width and height of the photo to match the iPhone screen.

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  • Fullscreen Caller ID on The iPhone — itchban?
  • How to Get Full Screen Image of Contact as Caller ID On Android.
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  • Get Full Screen Image of Contact as Caller ID On Android;

Information about iPhone display sizes is readily available in Google. As of October , the above method works on iOS In case you still not able to get full-screen caller ID on your device, the best alternative is to use a third-party software from the App Store.

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One such software we use and recommend for our users is Sync. The app is the most reliable one for syncing photos, birthdays and other details of your contacts from social networks like Facebook. The advantage of the Sync.

  • How to enable full-screen photo caller ID for iPhone contacts!
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And you also get the option to choose whether your contact photos fit in full screen, phone screen or as a thumbnail. Unfortunately, the app requires you provide full consent to upload your contact list to Sync. Me servers for their Facebook sync to work.

  • How to enable full screen contact photo and caller ID for iPhone;
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  • Get Full Screen Image of Contact as Caller ID On Android.

They use it to provide live caller identification service, just like TrueCaller app. It is. But there is one downside to this technique: You'll need to repeat this process for every photo you want to be full-screen for incoming calls. Share Pin Email. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN.

Fullscreen Caller ID on The iPhone

Updated February 19, Whether you're replacing a contact's existing photo or adding one for the first time, just add the photo the way you normally would: Find the person you want to add a photo to and tap their name. Tap Edit on their contact information screen. Move and Scale the photo to fit it into the circle in the way you'd like to see it. Tap Done.

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Open the Phone or Contacts apps. Step 5: Now, all your contacts will have a full screen caller image.

How to enable full-screen photo caller ID for iPhone contacts

To the ones you applied a custom image, the selected pic will be shown, for the rest, the default image will used. You can change the default image from the settings menu.

How To Get Fullscreen Caller ID's On IOS 8

I'm sure, with all these HD caller images, you will never have to actually read the name of the person calling you. So go on, and try out the app and tell us how it went. Moreover, if you are bored with just images and ringtone when someone calls you, see how you can apply a video as a video tone for incoming calls in our next article. Stay tuned for that.