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At present, Windows 7 users get a 'Windows Security Alert' warning message. Click "Details" and confirm it says Radius server: You will not get the warning again. Windows Phone 7 v7. Enable 'Wi-Fi'.

Select 'Eduroam' in the list of wireless networks. Select 'certification authority' with 'Validation Server Certificate' or move 'Validate Server Certificate' to the status 'enabled'. Click 'Done'. There will be possible a report to determine whether you expect eduroam at this location, select 'YES'. After a few seconds you are connected with Eduroam.

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Select 'Eduroam' in de list of wireless networks. Convert 'Validate Server Certificate' to enabled. Open the list of certificates, click the button below. Click 'done'. Mac OS X Select in the 'Apple-menu' dthe option 'System preferences'. Select in the section 'Internet and wireless', 'Network'. Be sure that the 'Wi-Fi' adapter is selected.

Click 'No Network selected'. The available networks are displayed. Click 'Eduroam'.

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Select 'Remember this network'. Click 'Connect'. The first time you connect, the question arises whether you trust the certificate offered by the network. This is a normal security question. Choose 'Show certificate'. Click 'Continue'. Then enter the name and password of an administrator on your computer.

You are connected with Eduroam. Click the Apple icon top left. Click 'System preferences'. Click 'Network'. Click 'Add'.

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Select 'Wifi' or 'Airport'. Select 'Advanced'. Go to the tab Name the profile eduroam. User Name: Click 'OK' Click 'Apply'. Click the wireless network icon in the status bar at the top. Choose the network 'eduroam'. Choose in the next window with " Click 'Continue'.. You are connected on Eduroam. Click 'Wireless' Wifi , click 'WiFi settings'. If necessary, switch on the WiFi. Select the following settings: EAP method: PEAP Phase 2 authentication: User certificate: Scroll down for the login credentials: Anonymous Identity: Wireless Password: After about 15sec you are connected with Eduroam.

ChromeOS Go to Wireless networks. Select 'Eduroam' and click 'settings'. Security type: WPA2 Enterprise Encryption type: AES Authentication methode: PEAP Authenticatiion protocol: Anonymous identity can be left blank. Ubuntu If the Network Manager has not been installed, you must do this first.

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Verify that you are not connected to the network with a network cable. Make sure the antenna of your laptop operates by switching on the wifi switch or button. Click the network icon and choose 'Edit Connections.. The available wireless networks will be displayed. Select ' Eduroam ' and fill in below: World At War, Counter Strike: You will be assigned an avatar that will identify you within the Garena community.

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